Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First COUG Game of 2011

Rachel decided it was nap time and fell asleep on Daddy during the game.

The cutest little Cougars Ever!

The Definition of Cute

So Andrew decided he wanted to take a nap with Rachel.  I layed the already asleep Rachel on the couch and he set up his nap spot next to hers.  Then he sang her a song.  Listen below...its a cross between "lullabye" and the theme song to Wonder Pets.  He can be sweet when he wants to be!

Rachel loves her bath.  She is a water baby just like her brother.  Her little old man hair is slowly coming to an end as the rest finally starts growing in.!

Elmo's Super Hero

Andrew loved Elmo's show and talks about it still.  His favorite was the confetti that shot out at the end and getting to hug all the characters that came by.

Rachel decided to sit in her toy bin so she had easier access to all her stuff.

Andrew's first sports injury occured a week into July and only two weeks into the Lime Tree Frogs soccer season. He adapted well though and quickly figured out how to get around with his new Cougar Cast!

Rachel at 7 1/2 months

 Andrew sat on the sidelines for most of the season but he loved wearing his "soccer team" shirt and having mom run a practice with him on her shoulders.
 Joss.  The Lime Tree Frog's Star Player.

Lake House and Fourth of July

Loving the water and the fact that we actually had some nice weather for a visit to the westside. 

Little Craig was quite the fisherman.  It seemed like every time he dropped his hook in the water he got a fish.  Grandpa Gary decided to go down and take some lessons.

The Logger Rodeo Fourth of July Parade.  Cousin Dustyn is riding in the back of the dump truck.  Cousin Kaidyn blew the horn for us as he went by.

We made it back to Pasco just in time to watch the fireworks over the Columbia River.

Soccer Stars

If anyone wants a clear definition of the differences between three and four year olds, volunteer to coach a YMCA 3/4 year old youth soccer team.  Wow!  In my opinion, three year olds should not play soccer.  At least not the type of soccer that is suppose to be organized.  My thoughts might be skewed a bit though by the fact that half of our team was made up of 3 year olds that were just barely three (and mostly boys).  The challenge of the season was not scoring goals but keeping 4 players on the field for 3 minute rotations.  It was a fast paced hour and its amazing how quickly they get tired.  Luckily we had some older four year olds (two that turned five) that could carry the weight.  The highlight of the season for the players was not putting time in on the field but rather eating snacks and playing "Duck, duck, goose" which was used to keep them in one spot on the sidelines and content during practices.  Most importantly though I think everyone had fun and as critical as I was, I would consider doing it again this winter indoors when the three year olds attention spans have developed just a wee bit more. 

Rachel just shy of 6 months. She's almost crawling.